Wireless Microphones for Camera & Smartphone

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2.4 GHZ Wireless Lavalier System

NUX B-10 Vlog is a compact and lightweight wireless microphone system, consisting of a receiver and a transmitter, which can achieve a wireless distance of up to 30 meters. NUX B-10 can provide a stable wireless connection, record high-quality, low-noise, low-latency audio. It’s compatible with most existing cameras/mobile phones/tablets. And it’s a solution for Vlog shooting, product evaluation, event speeches, live broadcasts and web conferences.
  • 2.4GHz 44.1Khz/24bit High-quality Audio Transmitting and ultra Low Latency ensure perfect sync
  • Stable Wireless Connection up to 30 meters
  • Multi-level Gain Control can be adjusted in 5 steps from -12dB to +12dB, helping you to record more sound details
  • Quick Match: receiver and transmitter are already paired
  • Ultra compact and light: bring it anywhere
  • High-definition OLED display
  • Long life battery: 4 hours for the transmitter, 6 hours for the receiver
  • Included Accessories: 1 x fur windshield, 1 x USB-C Y-cable, 1 x TRS (female) to TRRS(male) adaptor cable for Mobile Phone (CTIA), 1 x 3.5mm TRS cable for RX to Camera, 1x 3.5mm TRS Y-cable for 2 RXs to Camera, 1 x Cold-shoe RX mount