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SOUNDSATION 4LEDKIT-PARTY brings you a complete light system including all accessories in only one package. It is the smartest solution for all musicians, DJs, and small rental companies. It comes complete with 4 compact LED spots. Each spot contains 81 LEDs (27 Red, 27 Green, 27 Blue) in order to create a complete color palette. The spots are mounted on a T-bar which has a built-in controller unit. The T-bar can be controlled by the included pedal-board or by DMX. In addition to RGB color adjustment of all four PARs independently, the unit features 12 auto running programs and 4 Audio Mode Options, to let your lighting kit create wonderful effects even without a DMX controller.


4 PARs with 81 high-brightness LED each (27R, 27G, 27B)
T-Bar with internal controller and power unit (carrying bag included)
2.2m max Tripod Stand with carrying bag included
Operation Modes Auto, Sound, DMX, Footswitch modes
12 Internal Programs
DMX 15CH mode or 3CH basic mode (only RGB control on all PARs)
4 kinds of Audio Mode with internal Microphone and sensitivity adjustment
Beam Angle 16° (per PAR)
Field Angle 26° (per PAR)
LED Display for easy navigation and programming
Pedalboard with 2 footswitch