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Camera Recording Microphone

SOUNDSATION CamAudioPRO is a professional shotgun microphone for camcorders, digital cameras and portable audio recorders. It mounts a high-performance condenser capsule deliverying HD Audio quality . The cardioid design of polar pattern ensure isolation of the sound source from other off-axis ambience sounds. The connection to the video video device is obtained trough a standard 3.5mm male minijack connector. CamaudioPRO is designed to avoid vibrations, thanks to its schock proof mounting system. User selectable functions of high-pass filter and a gain switch able to increase the output signal level of +10dB allow a total control of the acquired sound source. The power is supplied by a 9V alcaline battery ( provided in the product box ) that is able to guarantee over 100 hours of recording. The replacement of the battery when expired is a very easy operation. CamaudioPRO can be connected to any standard viedo equipment providing a 3/8" thread base mount system. Suitable for all kind of indoor or outdoor applications.

High sensitivity condenser microphone delivering HD Audio
Cardioid polar pattern isolate the main sound source from other ambience sound
Easy mount on any standard video device through 3/8 thread system
Shock proof design can reduce the mechanical noise of cameras and other vibration noise
Gain switch for increasing +10dB output signal level and 200Hz bass filter meet the demand of different applications
Rugged mic housing features effective EMI resistance
Powered by 1.5V AA alkaline battery, playtime is up to 100hrs
Low power indicator
Comes with windscreen and velvet black carrying