Sound Partnership

High quality induces growth and development. Since 1999, Digital Magic has brought the audio technology and know how used in world renowned productions in the West end and Broadway to the Maltese musical Theatre. This has helped producers and directors make a quality leap in their musical productions, knowing that they can bank on the top notch service and sound quality that we have become renowned for. Practically all Malta’s musical theatre companies have come in contact with us over the past years and all had nothing but words of praise for the results achieved. Even the critics have commented on the end results, stating that the quality of audio in the auditorium greatly enhanced the artists’ performance.

A whispering play or a load band, theatre systems have to endure it all. At Digital Magic we combine specialized equipment and years of experience to ensure that the audience can focus on the performance, without any limitations on technical aspects.

Whether at the Manoel Theatre, Malta’s most prestigious auditorium, with its fine acoustics and delicate aesthetics or the Mediterranean Conference Centre, one of the largest performance venues on the island, we have the right technical solutions and experience to guarantee that every member in the audience will be served with crystal clear sound at an adequate level. This is done by adopting some of the latest technology in wireless microphone systems, digital mixing consoles and tailored speakers systems to suit each venue and the type of show.
Our vast experience in this field has though us to work close to producers and directors from very early stages. We will form an integral part of the production team, getting to know the performers and what effect the director is trying to create. This is the key to saving precious time in the theatre during rehearsals and getting to opening night with a ship shape production.