LED Bars


Led source:

864pcs LED RGB 3in1 and 96pcs White LED

DMX Channel Modes:

4CH / 12CH / 32CH

DMX Connections:

3-pin In/Out

Power Consumption:


Fixture Size (WxDxH):

413 x 100 x 218 mm (16.26 x 3.94 x 8.58 in)


Brand: Centolight
Product Code:

Availability: Available

Price:  €190.00 inc VAT


The LIGHTBLASTER S960 presents itself as a sophisticated LED strobe and wash device designed for indoor applications where power, safety, and versatility are crucial. Its light source is based on 864pcs LED RGB 3in1 and 96pcs White LED. The emission surface is divided into 8+8 independent zones. It is possible to control the individual colors of each zone via DMX, or simplify the number of channels for basic strobe/wash applications. The device is specifically designed for indoor silent environments, such as theaters, houses of worship, or live stages with soft music. The LIGHTBLASTER S960 is the result of meticulous design, aiming to meet the rigorous requirements of contemporary environments. Its advanced light source, composed of 864 LED RGB 3in1 and 96 White LED, offers exceptional precision and control with the emission surface divided into 8+8 independent zones. Thanks to DMX control, it is possible to manage colors individually in each zone or simplify configurations for basic strobe and wash applications. The LIGHTBLASTER S960 stands out for its unparalleled versatility. Offering a spectrum of possibilities, users can easily tailor the lighting experience to their specific needs. Whether it's detailed color control via DMX or simpler strobe and wash applications, this device adapts with elegance to every situation. In conclusion, the LIGHTBLASTER S960 is an ode to innovation and excellence in the field of LED lighting. Its meticulous design, technical prowess, and flexibility make it an outstanding choice for those seeking to elevate the indoor lighting experience. Immerse yourself in a world where brilliance meets subtlety, thanks to the LIGHTBLASTER S960.