Lapel Microphones

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Top Mount:

Male 1/4”-20

Bottom Mounts:

Male Camera Shoe, Female 1/4”-20


2.75 x 2.59 x 2.1” (70 x 65.8 x 53.8mm)


2.1 x 2.59 x 2.75” (5.38 x 6.58 x 7cm)


2.15 oz (61g)

LavMicro U3C

Brand: Saramonic
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Price:  €85.00 inc VAT


The Saramonic LavMicro U3C is an ultracompact clip-on lavalier microphone with a USB-C connector that plugs directly into the USB-C port on Android mobile devices and modern computers that have USB-C ports, like the MacBook Pro and Chromebooks. It has a 19.7-foot (6m) built-in cable, cable that extends 20” before splitting to into 2, 18-foot cables for each of the 2 microphones. Providing ample length to achieve creative recording techniques like 2 subjects standing at an optimal distance in front of your device's camera, 2-person sit down interviews in a natural setting, and narrative filmmaking where concealing the microphones is crucial. Two reusable cable straps are provided to keep the long cables tidy when in storage, and in use, when you don’t need as much length.