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Designed with “BT Audio Streaming” Function for wirelessuse.

Integrated Microphone

Integrated buttons for controlling telephone calls and forlistening to your favorite music

Adjustable headband for maximum comfort

MH- 70BT

Brand: Soundsation
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Adjustable Stereo Headphones with "BT Audio Streaming" function

The MH-70BT headphones, thanks to the integrated "BT Audio Streaming" function, are ideal both for listening to music and for managing telephone calls from remote devices such as tablets and smartphones. The MH-70BT headphones are equipped with an integrated microphone and buttons with which you can accept or end a phone call. The buttons can also be used to adjust the volume of a song or to switch to listening to another song. The earpads, made of soft material, and the adjustability of the headphones ensure optimal comfort and fit respectively. The integrated "BT Audio Streaming" function allows you to wirelessly use the MH-70BT headphones by pairing with remote devices such as smartphones or tablets. Using the supplied cable and jack adapter, the headphones can be connected to any audio device that has a dedicated headphone output (PHONES). Quality, versatility, design and excellent quality / price ratio are the characteristics that make the MH-70BT headphones a product that meets all needs.