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2 different angles (in addition to 0°)

3.2°, 6.5°

Load-bearing capacity per pad

15 kg



Dimension (WxDxH)


Studio pad 6

Brand: Soundsation
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Price:  €12.00 inc VAT


Pair of foam pads for 6.5" Studio Monitors

Studio monitors are the most important and critical part of your recording studio, computer music or audio/video post-production workstation. They “translate” your work into sound pressure and convey your work in acoustic terms. To avoid unwanted “contamination” coming from surfaces in contact with the monitors (vibrations and resonances) it is necessary to isolate them. Soundsation STUDIOPAD6 is the ideal solution to these problems. Each set consists of a pair of foam insulators with rectangular base. Each insolator is made up of 2 slanting sections. By combining the two sections in different ways, you ca get different angles.