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LFSD05L Medium Density Low-Fog Fluid

Brand: Soundsation
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SOUNDSATION LFSD05L Low Smoke Fluid is a water-based fluid suitable for any type of low-smoke machine. Its special formulation is designed to be a thick and heavy smoke. It makes the typical "thriller" effect - characteristic of horror films - or of marine and lake environments where the heat transfer at night creates low-smoke effects. Stability is good and persistent. The pale purple color is pleasant and leaves no traces of any kind on clothes or surfaces while the smoke is opaque white. No trace after the dissolution. SOUNDSATION fragrances to recreate atmospheres from tropical fruits, flowers and fragrant plants. The LFSD05L is manufactured according to strict production processes and strict controls during all its phases, and meets the European regulatory requirements. It is available in 5 liter tanks.