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Brand: Soundsation
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880 Watt 15” Polypropylene Active Speaker with MP3/ Bluetooth™ player

Go-Sound series is built with the user in mind. As result of years of experience gathered by Soundsation in portable sound systems, we designed these versatile high-quality speakers with unmatched value and performances. Built in a polypropylene cabinet, sturdy yet compact and lightweight, these active speaker are equipped with Class AB amplifiers, which guarantee reliability and outstanding performances. Mic and line inputs are included to allow the user to connect various audio sources such as microphones, mixers as well as smartphones and tablets. The "M" models feature a full functional multimedia player with Bluetooth™ and USB/SD card reader to play your favorites tunes conveniently. Go-Sound series is an incredible value and the perfect solution in many situations such as parties, presentations, schools, conference and live music, delivering great sound quality, reliability and ease of use.