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12 Fixtures with 16 DMX Channels each; 192 Channels in total

30 banks of 8 programmable scenes, 240 scenes total

2 assignable jog wheels for easy PAN and TILT movement

MIDI control over banks, chases and Blackout

RCA Line in for Music triggering

8-CH / 16-CH modes for Assigned or Reversed DMX channels


Brand: Soundsation
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Price:  €195.00 inc VAT


Intelligent Lighting Controller with USB Data Backup

SCENEMAKER 1216 PRO USB is a universal intelligent lighting controller. It allows you to manage up to 12 fixtures composed of 16 channels each (192 channels in total), and up to 240 programmable scenes. Six chases can contain up to 240 steps composed by the saved scenes (the steps) and in any order. Programs can be triggered by music, MIDI, automatically or manually. On control surface you will find various programming tools such as 8 universal channel sliders, two assignable wheels, a lot of switches and an LCD display for easier navigation of controls and menu functions. You can control PAN and TILT of different intelligent lighting fixtures using the same wheel at the same time. These wheels allow the user to assign individual PAN and TILT channels for every fixture. Finally, the SCENEMAKER 1216 PRO USB is equipped with a USB port that, in addition to operate the LED goose-neck lamp (supplied), allows the connection of an external USB drive to back up the data, and then to recall them at any time.