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Project studio, Live recording, TV Broadcast

The Beauty of live performance, the feeling of an audience and the warmth of a venue can hardly be replicated in a studio recording. Stemming from our experience in live performance  sound reinfircement, coupled with a vast understanding of recording tecniques and mastering of specialsed equipment...


Musical Theatre, Music concerts & Presentations

A whispering play or a loud band, theatre systems have to endure it all. At Digital Magic we combine specialized equipment and years of experience to ensure that the audience can focus on the performance, without any limitations on technical aspects. ...


Equipment Rental Now Available!

Digital Magic offers audio equipment rentals and sound system rental packages for meetings and events of all shapes and sizes. Whether you need an audio solution for a panel of speakers, a general session ballroom presentation, or an outdoor event, we have all of the equipment you’ll need and any of our audio rental solutions can be custom-tailored for your event...