Your building may be great - looks fantastic, has all the state of the art technology, all the security, fire protection, climate control etc, but even a tiny sound echoes throughout the place. Your shop, clinic, restaurant, office, reception area may have all furnishing and amenities but did you think of the most important thing?

How are people expected to talk to each other and communicate when they cannot understand each other as even the smallest noise resounds endlessly? How to you expect your sales people to do their job properly when your customers cannot understand what they are saying? To top it all up, the music played over the sound system, to create the right “atmosphere” actually annoys everyone and are cause for complaints. In spaces such as industrial areas or production areas, continuous exposure to uncontrolled sounds is deemed a health hazard and monitored by health and safety regulations.


Digital Magic specializes in providing solutions to help designers, engineers, contractors and users improve their spaces through better acoustics. We need to be as kind on our ears as we like being kind on our eyes. We work closely with your teams to provide the right solutions, ideas, materials and expertise to improve not only how your space looks but also how it sounds. All kinds of spaces can benefit from such improvements – from making your office quieter to improving vocal intelligibility in a reception area, lecture hall or shop, to making a factory or gymnasium more adequate for long exposure to loud sounds.


Digital Magic partners have developed numerous materials and solutions and also provide expert advice on how spaces can be improved. Computer Aided Designs of both aesthetic and acoustic performance can be provided so you can better understand what to expect once the work is done.