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Energizing multi-effect light featuring multibeam, laser, strobe

Vibrant 5 x 3 W RGBWA rotating multibeam effects

Blinding 8 x 1 W white LEDs for strobe effects

Projects hundreds of razor sharp laser beams with 50 mW green and 100 mW red lasers

DMX operable for individualized control and design

Length: 246 mm (9.7 in.)

Length with hanging bracket: 307 mm (12.1 in.)

Width: 234 mm (9.3 in.)

Width with hanging bracket: 234 mm (9.3 in.)

Height: 246 mm (9.7 in.)

Height with hanging bracket: 286 mm (11.3 in.)

Weight: 4.5 kg (9.8 lbs.)


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Price:  €198.00 inc VAT


THRILL Multi-FX LED is a 3-in-1 LED light fixture with an impressive number of tricks up its sleeve, guaranteed to make your show larger than life. It is equipped with laser, strobe, and rotating colored multibeams with super bright output for a great variety of dazzling looks and mid-air effects.

With its high-speed, ultra-sharp laser beams, the THRILL Multi-FX LED is ideal for creating dramatic atmospheres and boosting energy levels in a variety of setups ranging from entertainment and club environments to wedding parties and corporate shows.

  • High-speed hybrid effect light fixture that energizes crowds with multibeams, laser and strobe effects
  • Easy plug-and-play control
  • Portable and lightweight