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Basmel Twist

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BASMEL® Twist® is made of a flexible open-cell regular foam or melamine foam which are excellent sound absorption materials. With its fabric finishing, appearance and unique shape is excellent to make appealing patterns which allows different and various combinations.

Due to its low weight, BASMEL® Twist® allows the creation of large-surface areas giving to the rooms an attractive appearance making it ideal for the most demanding designers. BASMEL® Twist's acoustic characteristics make this product ideal for use as noise control device in buildings. It improves airborne noise reduction also providing fire safety and environmental requirements.

The raw material of this product meets the most important international fire safety regulation. It is produced without using halogenated hydrocarbons, flame-retardants and/or toxic heavy metals. Homes, meeting rooms, offices and hotel foyers can be acoustically upgraded just as effective and attractive by using this product. The installation method is very simple by using mounting glue or can be provided with self-adhesive on the back.